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Football Unlocked 2020 NFL Draft Top 32

Top 32 Every year the compilers (The guys who say they scout but actually eavesdrop on scouts at pro-days and events) try to get their mock drafts and value boards in order.  They try to be right.  They try to put players in the...

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2020 NFL Draft WR Big Board

2020 WR Class Is this class truly “generational”? We are being told that the 2020 WR draft class is historically good.  That’s ratings driving click bait. It’s embarrassing that the talking heads can’t remember...

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Drew Lock… Is he for real?

Short answer, yes.  Now before we get into the specifics, let’s talk about the pieces that are still unknown and the pieces that were always known.We always knew that Lock possessed the athleticism to handle the boot game...

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Indianapolis Colts 2019 Offseason Grade

Colts Off-Season As pure as alpine snow. Colts off-season grade: A+ Last year I stated this in week 4: “There’s something happening in the Colts FO.  Can’t simply hand all the credit to Ballard but there’s talent in that FO...

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