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Author: Tyler Menting

Arizona Cardinals 2019 Offseason Summary

Cardinals off-season The good, and the horribly impatient. Off-season Grade: C- The Cardinals dove into the offseason with the zeal of a 5 year old on Christmas day.  Hell, they didn’t even wait for the buzzer to sound. Nor...

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Jonah Williams Mania

Before I retire to watch the draft, I think there is time for one more parting shot. Let’s start off with a tip of the cap before the shot across the bow. There is a draft website named “The Draft Network.”  It’s very...

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Why Ed Oliver is a Draft Bust

Watching film can surprise you at times.  You go in thinking a player is a beast. You hear all the hype and as you’ve watched his team play during the season.  He shows up time after time. Then you pull up the game...

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